How many times you've been annoyed where you can't do your work online due to internet disconnection with any cause? All information and facts to determine the cause of the problem are shut off. If you cannot find solution to the problem, the only solution is to format and reinstall the operating system. By doing so, all vital data and files will be erased. Even must worst if you have no backup of these files.  

Hence, in case backup is done regularly, it consumes a lot of space on the hard drive that makes the computer sluggish to a huge degree. The best solution here is to back up files unto other saving devices such as USBs, Data Disk, etc. so that the hard drive space will be fully use. Sometimes several computer users were confused when an error message prompt after opening their PC.

Typically, it's not the fault of the registry. The culprit here sometimes is the corrupted start-up programs which makes these error messages appear. A large number of start programs uses a large amount of page file which also makes your PC much slower when it boots. The best way here is to disable programs that are not related to Windows start-up making the PC to boot faster. You can configure programs that will run during boot up by clicking Start, Run, and type msconfig, hit Enter, select Startup tab, disable unnecessary programs, and click Ok. 

Registry plays a very crucial part at the computer and if it starts to malfunction, expect a severe outcome. And if you have a background on computer hardware problems and their solutions, you can confidently fix any registry errors or make some modifications. And for those who are less aware, you can always rely your problems with a registry cleaner. This software identifies and corrects registry errors well. There are lots of registry cleaner out there, you can choose any of them as long as it is working and you're comfortable using it.           

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